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     Game playing cards play a great role in board games, let alone card games. Most of cards should be shuffled, game players care the feeling the cards, what is the feeling of cards? 

     Actually it is the quality of the cards. Material, surface finish are the main factors to effect quality. VartGames can provide a wide range of cards from paper cards to plastic cards. For paper cards, we judge paper quality by weight, thickness, whiteness, bending stiffness, and opacity.

     We currently use white-core / ivory-core paper, gray core paper, blue core paper, Chinese black core paper and Germany black core paper. Common cards can use white-core paper, casino quality cards usually choose Germany black core. For plastic cards, we have PVC, PET, PP options, can be gloss matt, frosted and transparent. 

   VartGames also have more than 100pcs cards knives/molds, it can save molds cost for clients. Most of cards go with varnish on the surface, can be aqueous gloss varnish, butter varnish, UV varnish. The same paper with different varnish will have total different effect! VartGames also can add golden foil stamping and linen texture on cards surface.



     Cards Stock

  300gsm C2S paper ● 350gsm C2S paper 

 300gsm gray core paper ● 300gsm blue core paper

300gsm Chinese black core paper ●   300gsm Japan black core paper

 310gsm Germany black core paper ● 330gsm Germany black core paper

    0.3mm gloss PVC plastic sheet ● 0.3mm frosted PVC plastic sheet

Cards Samples