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Why choose Vart Games As Your Board Games Manufacturer?

Why choose Vart Games As Your Board Games Manufacturer?

Actually, it is a challenging question for us. There are more than 100 board game manufacturers in the world, why do the clients choose us? We never stop asking the question to ourselves.

When the clients make their decision on choosing a supplier, normally the reasons are based on 4 points.

1, Price:

The price is so sensitive to clients. Every client would compare prices from different suppliers, but they may not choose the cheapest one. Quality, production time, communication are all factors. On the other hand, the too cheap price would also hurt ourselves, we don’t have enough profit keep our staff stable, this is not good for both us and clients.

2, Quality:

As printing is a kind of batch copy production, it is easy to have flaws in the production, I am afraid no one can say their products are 100% perfect, there is an acceptable tolerance.

3, Production time:

No client wants their games to have a long production time. Our normal production time is from 20-60days depends on different quantities and components.

4, Communication:

Due to the different languages, we will try our best to understand the requirements from the clients, only we can understand it, we can make things correct. And we hope we can understand each other simply and clearly.

But for Vart Games, what we can do further for our clients?

The extra service we can do is SHIPPING.

We can ship the goods to your door directly.

We can ship the goods to the AMAZON FBA warehouse directly.

I think this will solve the shipping problems for most small or media game publishers.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us: sales@vartgames.com