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How to confirm the box size for a board game?

     Many game designers would face a problem that how to make the game box the correct size. VartGames would like to provide some advice on it basing on a common telescope game box.

     The main purpose of the box is packaging, so the box should pack all game components.

First, we need to know the inner size of the box. The length and width are determined by the max size one. For example, there is a 1/6 fold board in the game. The folded size is 210*280mm, so the inner size of the box must be over this size, we usually make it 2mm bigger. The depth of the board will be determined by components. If there is a plastic inlay/tray in the game, it is much simple, plastic inlay usually pack cards, plastic, wooden components, the paper part like notepad, punch-board, game board, rule-book will be put on the top, the total thickness is the depth of the box. If there is a paper inlay in the box, we usually make 1 or 2 pits for irregular components, then the paper parts on the top. The thickness of pit and paper parts are the depth of the box

     Second, we calculate the outside size. We usually use 1.5mm and 2mm thickness boards for the game box. For the 1.5mm thickness box, the outside size is inner size plus 8mm. For the 2mm thickness box, the outside size is inner size plus 10mm.

     At last, please remember we need 15-20mm wrapping part on four edges on lid and bottom box.

     VartGames provides free die-cut lines service, if you are still not sure about the size, feel free to contact us.