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VartGames provide one-stop service for game components, we provide different options for you, you can pick up what you need.

Game Box

Game box likes a coat of a person, it shows the first impression of the game, it attracts people by first glance. Game boxes are with different styles and surface finishes, VartGames can give you options from classical telescoping box, tuck box, magnetic box, hexagon box to irregular shape box. The box material can be paper, metal, wood and any other can be used up for game box. All paper game box can be with special surface finishes like linen textures, spot UV, golden or silver foil stamping, and embossing. These special effects make your games outstanding on display shelf. Whenever you are not sure about the styles and materials, VartGames will always provide suggestions and technique support, just feel free to contact us.


Without a board, it is not proper to say a board game. Game board like the territory of the game.

It can be big and small, simple and complex. As a board game manufacturer, we can provide paper folded boards, like 1pcs board, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 folded board, and duplex board. The common thickness is about 2mm. Please be noted that the process needs at least 18mm wrapping part for edges, and this part will effect the cost. Besides, VartGames can provide leather board, rubber board.

Punch board

Punch board is usually used to make paper tokens or paper fingers, it’s much cheaper comparing to metal or plastic components. Even the outlook similar to game board, but the production processes are quite different. VartGames provide 2 options for clients to pick up. One is gray board, the other is white board, of course the white board will be more expensive than gray ones, but the effect will be more beautiful. Normally the thickness is about 1.5mm. Please contact us if you have special requirement.


Game playing cards play a great role in board games, let alone card games. Most of cards should be shuffled, game players care the feeling the cards, what is the feeling of cards? Actually it is the quality of the cards. Material, surface finish are the main factors to effect quality.

VartGames can provide a wide range of cards from paper cards to plastic cards. For paper cards, we judge paper quality by weight, thickness, whiteness, bending stiffness, and opacity. We currently use white-core / ivory-core paper, gray core paper, blue core paper, Chinese black core paper and Germany black core paper. Common cards can use white-core paper, casino quality cards usually choose Germany black core. For plastic cards, we have PVC, PET, PP options, can be gloss matt, frosted and transparent.


Wooden is also a main part of board games, like meeples, tokens, pawns, cubes dice and etc. VartGames usually choose high quality beech for wooden components, this kind of wood is harder and heavier than other wood, it is not easy to change shape, most of high quality children toys use this wood too. Painting, screen printing, heat transfer printing, laser engraving are all can be done on wooden.


Many game components are made by plastic, like acrylic dice, resin dice, jewelries, plastic pawns, plastic cubes, plastic stand, miniatures and etc. Plastic pieces can be purchased in ready products, like dices and pawns. Some need to be customized like miniatures. Normally the mold fee for plastic pieces are with high price.


VartGames also can provide other components like metal coins, cloth bags, pencils, eraser markers, badges and etc. To be honestly, VartGames doesn’t manufacture them by itself, we outsource them, we have stable cooperators to provide high quality good.